The best way to predict the future is to invent it. The Thinking Machine Asia is an innovation and experience design agency that helps create a better future with you.

We are The Thinking Machine Asia

We believe the best way to predict the future is to invent it. That’s why we use the power of science and creativity to architect, design and deliver iconic experiences for our clients to help improve the lives of people.

We are an integrated solutions company sitting at the interjection of Content, Design and Technology to collaborate with clients to offer groundbreaking solutions. Our multi-disciplinary team includes pioneers and leaders who are technologists, data scientists, strategists, growth hackers, creatives and content experts. Our team of global specialists and collaborators offer a unique perspective guided by our clients’ need for growth and unlocking new opportunities.

The Thinking Machine Asia® is truly an end-to-end solutions company focused on helping clients manage multiple regions, platforms and channels to build world class brands.

our services

We begin by challenging tradition and conventions to create ideas that connects emotionally with the consumers. We believe brands must embrace breakthrough thinking in order to become more relevant and inspire conversations. That's why our media neutral approach helps turn big ideas into services that are truly focused on delivering growth for our clients.


Communication Strategy, Creative Development & Implementation, Workshop/Seminar, Event/Exhibition, Experiential Marketing, CSR Campaign, Community Relation & Engagement, ATL & BTL Campaigns


Brand Identity, Logo Design, UI/UX, Website Design, Front-End and Back-End Development, Social Media Management, Email Marketing Design, Mobile App Development


Branding Strategy Development, Business Consulting, Growth & Revenue Strategy, Research & Analysis, SEO & SEM, Content Strategy & Development, Creative Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Product & Services

Innovative Products & Services, Market Research, Data-driven Product & Services. Apps Development Services, Innovative product development


Provide access to Venture Capital, Start-up Incubation and Acceleration, Business Mentoring, Investor Relation, Business Opportunities, Financial Capitalization

what we do

We believe brands are the cultural connection between companies and their communities. We help brands attract the right audiences and help elevate the brand experience so they’re easy to connect with and impossible to ignore. We make the connection between deep rooted insight, creativity and technology to uncover actionable answers.


and many more...

Our ways of working


We start with researching, understanding and analyzing about you, your product, category, audience, market and everything in between. We look at it from the perspective of your competitors, customers and your internal management teams. We gain insight about your brand, philosophy, mission and opportunities. We mostly find out what you need to do to take your brand where it is today to where you want to be. Simply put, we’re data-driven to help you get better results.


When we develop a strategy, we focus on your short term, mid and long-term goals. We help you to get your market into quick actions. Our solutions are designed to make impact in your market and solidify your brand.


We execute our plan with you as a partner and life to the project. Our data-driven solutions are customized to your needs and within budget. We’ll keep the campaign on-track using our in-built digital command center to manage every single task in real time. We are on-time, always. We work harder to minimize the executional screw ups.


Real time means being continuously monitored. We monitor your brand to ensure you get the right leads or customers receiving the right message. We make sure your brand gives a consistent experience across all touch points. Trust in you. We’ll help you maintain a positive connection with your customers.